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Today I want to pose a question about children using blogs…how young is too young for a child to have a blog?

The reason for my question is that I just recently was told by my tutoring student that she has a blog…I tried to find it online but the address didn’t work however, she assures me that it is not done through the school filters???? hmmm dangerous? When I asked her step Dad about it he had no idea she had one :0 and she told me she made it during lunch time on a school computer…thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Kids Blogging

  1. Hi Jen,

    I know that this is a really contentious issue. I don’t know that you can set an age – as it will vary from person to person. The main thing is for kids to be open with it and for parents to monitor them and make sure they know about risks involved with putting up information about themselves.

    I watched an episode of Super Nanny (don’t judge me!) recently where there was a 13 year old girl talking online to 18 year old boys and she was going to arrange a meeting with them. Her parents had no idea that this was happening – which was quite a worry. The girl had a computer in her room, and would go on it without any parental monitoring whatsoever. It was only brough to Super Nanny’s attention by the girls sister. Anyway, Super Nanny’s solution was to talk with the girl about the dangers, and also move the computer into the family area where it could only be used when parents were there to supervise. I thought this was an interesting approach, it seemed quite controlling, but I think with young girls especially you may have to be this strict.

  2. Thanks soo much for your feedback! Yes I know its really hard with teenagers, especially in that scenario you just described. I think in the parents situation they need to use their discretion, but also be aware of what is happening on the web. I am learning soo much doing this subject (both last trimester as well) about how much you can access ANYONE can have to just about any information the web. Could it get to a point where ‘the private’ is now PUBLIC?

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